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At Laser Queen we are always looking to find the best treatments available for you. We recently had the opportunity to meet some high powered Hollywood Celebrities. We took this opportunity analyse the skin and body concerns for each of them. We then provided skin and body treatments recommendations for each of them.

So now you can find out how dermal needling can help you have a flawless complexion just like Jessica Simpson. Alternatively, find out how you can benefit from a chemical peel in the same way as Mel Gibson. All our skin and body treatments have been recommended to these Hollywood stars to enable them to maintain beautiful and youthful skin.

If you are looking to focus on your internal health then find out how Pressor Therapy can help build your immune system and why it was recommended to Hollywood A Lister Charlie Sheen.

All of the skin and body treatments recommended to each of the Hollywood Celebrities are available at Laser Queen. To find out more about each skin and body treatment recommended for each celebrity just download the celebrity secrets  in PDF format. You can also click on the link to find out more about all the benefits each skin and body treatment provides

Brook Sheilds and Coolifting

Great Genetics + Cosmeceutical skin care = graceful ageing.
How amazing is Brooke’s skin looking over the years? We suspect a use of Vitamin C serum every morning for an antioxidant hit to fight against free radicals, combined with Retinol at night to encourage normalised cell renewal. Not to forget that most important product SPF to be used daily.
Skin care goes hand in hand with clinical facials and there no better facial when it comes to ageing than the Cool Gun. The Coolifting gun sprays the facial tissues using a powerful CO2 flow at a very low temperature and high pressure, combined with an extremely high concentration of atomized actives. It Is the most spectacular and rapid treatment ever seen to challenge the passing of time.
Coolifting leaves the skin supple, hydrated and GLOWING!

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Charlie Sheen and Pressor Therapy

With a recent medical diagnosis, Charlie Sheen is focusing on his health and building immunity. Pressor Therapy is fantastic for boosting the Lymphatic system assisting the body to eliminate toxic cells in the human body.
Pressor therapy is beneficial for detoxification, swollen limbs, digestion, increasing blood and lymph circulation. It a very relaxing treatment in which we offer a 30min and 60min session.
Immediately after treatment, our patients instantly feel extreme relaxation followed by increased energy levels and clear minded.

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George Ross & Skin Lesions

George Ross, Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man has seen many decades of UV exposure.
UV exposure can be responsible for triggering skin lesions such keratosis and pigmentation which can be seen on Mr. Ross.
Cosmetic treatment options are available to remove unwanted lesions.
The process is simple involving two combined polarities which remove moisture in the localised area causing the skin to scab, in return, the skin underneath regenerates and renews resulting in clear, fresh skin.

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Jason Alexander and iBlanket

Jason Alexander, famously known as George Costanzo from Seinfeld has been actively working not only as an actor but also as a comedian, singer and a director.
Taking time away from such a busy schedule is crucial to recharge your batteries in order to ensure that you can give your 100% to each task you undertake.
iBlanket is the perfect pick-me-up treatment designed to detoxify your body and give you the intense feeling of relaxation. Available is 30min and 60 min sessions, it is easy to incorporate into your busy routines.
iBlanket works on the principals of infrared technology which effectively penetrates the insulating lipid layer and warms the body from the inside out eliminating toxins through sweat. After each treatment, you’re left feeling lighter, clearer and relaxed.

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Jessica Simpson & Dermal Needling

Let’s talk about Jessica’s glowing complexion!
Having previously suffered with acne Jessica’s skin is now looking flawless.
Acne affects people over 85% of people at some stage of their lives. Poor skin management during this time can often result in scars and pits. This can leave most people feeling self-conscious.
As acne is predominantly caused by internal factors of the body but can however be managed with externally.
There are no quick fixes, but we can still achieve great results. The number one option for acne scarring is Dermal Needling! When performed correctly with skin preparation, it provides the most effective results.
Dermal Needling creates tiny controlled wounds which stimulates natural healing functions to create rapid regeneration of damaged skin cells.

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Jewel and Mesoeclat

International superstar Jewel always looks radiant with perfect skin. Achieve the same look with Mesoelat.
Mesoelait is a treatment system which exercises the skins detoxification system encouraging cell renewal, collagen and elastin synthesis and toxin elimination.
It is recommended a course of 5 treatments every fortnight to achieve best results.
Instantly, skin is luminous and revitalized.
At the end of the course of treatments, skin is noticeably restored appearing fresher, line depth is reduced, and sallow skin is brought back to life.

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Mel Gibson and Chemical Peels

Aging like a fine wine, Mel has been under the public eye for decades. Fine lines, uneven skin tone and pigmentation are often overlooked yet easily treated with a series of Chemical Peel treatments.
Based upon the simple principals of skin regeneration and manipulation with carefully chosen ingredients, Chemical Peels are one of the most effective treatments for total skin rejuvenation which effectively treats so many skin concerns!
Generally, a course of 6 peels are recommended for a complete skin refresher whilst more may be required to target further concerns.

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Michael Douglas and Collagen 360

Michael Douglas has gracefully ages over the years from both intrinsic and extrinsic influences however he can replenish his youthful glow with some collagen stimulation and intensive hydration.
Collagen 360 is a specialised treatment designed to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production supporting the inevitable aging process.
The treatment process also infuses concentrated hydrating ingredients resulting in long term and beneficial results.
The treatment is known to be the perfect mix of relaxation and results which can even be a lunch time treatment.

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Steve Wozniak and IPL

Have you struggled with a red flush over you skin? Luckily, you’re not alone. Rosacea affects more than 415 million people around the world, including Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak.
Rosacea presents itself in several ways and it is important to each approach to help treat is completely personalised.
It is recommended to use active ingredients on the skin which are proven to calm inflammation and reduce the appearance of capillaries. These include sage, teprenone, aloe Vera, potassium chloride and even topically applied caffeine.
IPL Photo rejuvenation works incredibly well for rosacea and is usually the treatment of choice amongst most of our patients.

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