Medical cosmetics for your skin

Mesoetetic is a Spanish company that was founded in 1984 by Joan Carles Font and Ma Jose Almansa.

It is a multinational pharmaceutical company specialising in the development and production of effective skin treatments and products.

They are willing to go through extensive research to make sure they deliver the best results for patients and professionals.

The Mesoestetic Difference

Mesoestetic combines biotechnology and cosmetics to create formulas that achieve dramatic results. Mesoestetic is proud of its reputation as a world leader in technologically advanced skincare.

They offer products for both in clinic use and home maintenance which includes regular skincare, an anti-acne line, sunscreens, haircare products and anti-cellulite body treatments.

Mesoestetic incorporates the newest concepts in advanced ingredients and delivery systems.

Advanced Formulas

Mesoestetic uses a high concentration of active ingredients in their products, which is enhancing the overall efficacy. They use such advanced formulas which give professionals the best tools to combat a wide range of different skincare concerns such as ageing, acne, pigmentation and many more.

The brand's signature treatment is Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment, which targets hyper pigmentation and dull skin while reducing the appearance of ageing skin and improving clarity.

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