Thousands of years ago, there lived a woman named Isra and one night she was woken up by a Thai mythological creature named Kinnari, purported to be a mix of human and bird in equal proportion.

In Thai, the word ‘Isra’ translates into nocturnal journey and true to her name, the lady flew through the night with Kinnari till they reached the Himapan Forest. Kinnari descended along a path, picked a plant bearing blue flowers growing by its edge and handed it to Isra, instructing her to plant it in her garden so that it could heal all those who came into its close contact.

The way the herb truly came to be known to civilization remains unclear but what stood to be truly validated was the creature’s claim pertaining to its healing properties.

Indeed, the butterfly blue pea flower has been held in high regard by several ancient cultures and much of the renown is courtesy of its natural ability to cure diverse ailments, improve immunity and fertility and enhance hair growth.

Therapeutic capabilities of the plant were revered by ancient sages in India too and this explains its extensive application in Ayurveda for memory improvement, depression and as a remedy against snake bites. It is also used to help combat whopping cough.


Caffeine free; 11 varieties of flavonol glycosides; high concentration of antioxidant anthocyanin (stronger than vitamin E); contains antioxidant proanthocyanidin (stronger than vitamins A and C) which improves blood flow in the capillaries

Health benefits

  1. Improves and sharpens eyesight, inhibits the growth of cataract
  2. Slows down the ageing process by maintaining elasticity of cells
  3. Anti-wrinkle action - increased dermal collagen and elastin synthesis
  4. Contains cancer protection properties
  5. Helps maintain health and thickness of hair
  6. Improves fertility in women
  7. Calming, soothing, rejuvenating effects

Preparation method

Pour boiling water in a cup over a few flowers. Watch the colour turn blue. Sip slowly. Add lemon and the colour of your tea will change from blue to pink to purple.

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