Enzyme           10%     20%

An entry level peel made from pumpkin extracts suitable for all skin types. Gives you a thorough exfoliation followed by a beautiful glow

Lactic              30%     40%

Lactic Acid is an AHA commonly known for its hydrating and brightening properties. Stimulates collagen production and creates a uniform skin. Recommended to treat early signs of aging.

Salicylic           20%    30%

Salicylic Acid is an oil soluble BHA making it ideal for treating congestion, acne prone skin and blemishes. Salicylic Acid is a sebo-regulator and it contains antiseptic, bacteriostatic and fungicidal properties.

Mandelic        30%     40%

Mandelic Acid is extracted from bitter almond and is known to cause minimal irritation whilst eliminating any bacterial activity on the skin. Mandellic also has a brightening effect on the skin making it ideal to target and treat hyperpigmentation. It is recommended for oily and combinational skins.

White Peel

Key ingredients: Lactic Acid, Phytic Acid
An effective cocktail of pigmentation acids designed to fade pigmentation, brighten your complexion, hydrate and strengthen the skin with White Peel.

Age Peel

Key ingredients: Mandelic Acid, Lactobioic Acid
Combat fine lines and wrinkles and face away imperfections resulting in smooth and renewed skin. High in antioxidants, extremely hydrating and beautiful skin.


The ultimate anti-age treatment has been pioneered to accomplish the greatest possible stimulation of the organism’s defence mechanisms which are stimulated to fight against the factors which accelerate the physiological skin aging process. Immediately rejuvenate your skin with Mesoeclat.
A course of 5 treatments are recommended.


The ultimate de-pigmentation treatment administered by our experienced skin therapists, see for yourself the results you can achieve with Cosmelan. Eliminate stubborn deposits of pigmentation and skin imperfections of melanic origin and increase luminosity of your skin. Inhibit tyrosinase activity whilst lifting the pigmentation within the skin.

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