There is no need to become anxious about the appearance of some of the more intimate parts of your body (including your anal)  The skin of sensitive areas of our bodies naturally darkens with age as the levels of melanin increase - but that doesn't mean you have to live with it.

Our anal bleaching and skin lightening formula will not only lighten your skin but also help to stop the skin from darkening in the future. This is achieved by reducing the activity of tyrosinase  present in skin by inhibiting the melanin (pigment) in the skin.

You can be assured that the skin lightening formula that we use is:

free from hydroquione

free from Arbutin

free from other harmful chemicals

has no recorded side effects

The special blend of melanin combating ingredients have been developed to lighten the epidermal layers of the skin whilst working deep in a cellular level to prevent pigmentation initially forming. We recommend upwards of 3 treatments in conjunction with home care to see significant and on-going results in the rejuvenation of one of the most intimate parts of your body.

Other treatment areas include:



Inner Thighs

Knees & Elbows

Vaginal area

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