Cosmedix combine nature and science for perfect skin care

Cosmedix first started out in 1999, they combine nature and science to give you the perfect skin care. Cosmedix is known for sourcing the finest ingredients all over the world.

COSMEDIX combines Nobel Prize-winning technologies with botanical ingredients to deliver skincare with a difference.

COSMEDIX is trusted and loved by many physicians, aestheticians and customers all over the world.

Natural Ingredients

Cosmedix has a strong focus on using natural ingredients that are kind to the skin. It simply proves you don’t have to use damaging chemicals in your products. Best of all it's cruelty-free.

Backed by Science

COSMEDIX adopts formulas inspired by Nobel Prize discoveries in pharmaceuticals to encourage cell rejuvenation and skin restoration. They filter their ingredients until they only consist of molecules that work positively with the skin.

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