Coolifting Facial

A revolutionary treatment using C02 to effectively infuse a healthy combination of vitamins and hydrating minerals directly into the skin.
Incorporated into a facial, the skin is left smooth, rejuvenated, plumped with hydration and glowing! Ideal for brides and anyone who wants their skin to glow from within!
Recommended in a pack of 6 weekly treatments for best results.

Customised Facial           60 minutes

Our popular Customised Facial is the perfect mix between results and relaxation. Melt away in our hands, let us address and treat all of your skin concerns using cosmeceutical products. Expect a deep cleanse, skin exfoliation, steam, nourishing massage, active mask and product infusion using electroporation.

Extraction Facial               60 minutes

Designed for particularly congested skin, this facial is perfect for those who want to purify their skin and leave with that fresh feeling and a clean canvas. Including a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, massage and mask. Your experienced skin therapist with make sure all of your suitable skin irregularities are extracted and assistance is given to stop them from coming back.

Express Facial                    30 minutes

Intended for those time savvy people who enjoy the full facial experience… in half the time! Extensive enough to experience results yet short enough to head out to your other engagements.

Teen Facial                         30 minutes

Here at Laser, Skin & Wellness Clinic, we understand hormonal teenage skin. The Teen Facial is a perfect entry level facial treatment for young skin encouraging balance and calmness.

Eternal Youth Facial           60 minutes

Our luxurious specialty facial treatment like no other! The Eternal Youth Facial takes you into a deep state of relaxation while concentrating on anti-aging and boosting lymphatic flow and drainage of the face and décolletage. State of the art technology – you will not find a treatment like this anywhere else. You will experience a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, our special lymphatic facial massage, active mask and nourishing serums and moisturises to finish.

    Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage to the face:

  • Detoxifying
  • Reduces eye bags & dark circles
  • Eliminates signs of fatigue
  • Deflates the face promoting drainage of fluids
  • Improves circulation of oxygen, blood & nutrients
  • Repair cells & improves skin appearance
  • Reduces acne scars & prevents new outbreaks
  • It has a sedative and relaxing effect, perfect for those suffering from stress, insomnia or anxiety

Collagen 360 Facial         60 minutes

A cosmeceutical intensive anti-aging facial treatment that penetrates down to the second layer of the epidermis which dramatically increases collagen production and hydration within the skin. Recommended in a course of 5 to see the maximum benefits and long lasting results.

Butt Facial                     45 minutes

Show your behind some TLC with our famous Butt Facial. Experience a double cleanse, exfoliation enzyme mask with steam, extractions, a massage releasing all the tension in your glutes, mask and moisturiser. This is very popular treatment to help control keratosis Polaris on the bottom area.

Add On

Add on to any facial treatment to enhance your results and target your concerns

Facial ADD ON
Mesoestetic Benefits Price 040 centella asiatica
  • Calming & Soothing
  • Reduces erythema
  • Reduces breakouts
$20 024 proteoplus
  • Rebuilds protective barrier of skin
  • Super hydrating
$20 020 vitamin c
  • Brightening
  • Stimulate collage synthesis
  • Anit- ageing
  • Fights free radicals
energy / c peel off mask
  • High in antioxidants delivering a brightening effect and luminous glow to the skin
Skin Lesion Removal Benefits Price
Milia Treatment
  • Combining high frequency and radio frequency, remove unwanted milia from the face

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